A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Android

Here's the story of the National Japanese University of Sumotoris :

We all have seen these big and well fed men who battle themselves in thongs.
But unlike most of people see it, they didn't have been that fat all their lifes. They before got their Diploma at the NJUS !

Please don't ruin the legendary reputation of this school !

Controls :

<— - grab the food on the left conveyor belt

—> - grab the food on the right conveyor belt

These sumos are growing just by eating tons of sushis but there's always one that they don't like.
Take care of what they don't love and be sure to not let some good sushi getting trashed.
When a sumo is "complete", you earn 1 point and will see more difficulty in the sushis coming.
If you miss 5 times, you've lost all the school reputation !

Team FafaStudio :

Quentin Lacourt (Logos + interface)
Pierre Gachard (Art + Logo)
Marc Belviso (Art + Decor)
Olivier Belviso (Art + Sound Design)
Ludovic Soto (Developping)
Hugo Bombail (Developping)
Jean Claisse (Music + Sound Design)

Facebook : www.facebook.com/fafastud
Twitter : @FafaStud


SumouNoKurieta_Windows(AfterLD34Version).zip 41 MB
SumouNoKurieta_Android_1.1.apk 19 MB
SumouNoKurieta_Mac(AfterLD34Version).zip 24 MB
SumouNoKurieta_Windows(LudumDare Version).zip 41 MB
SumouNoKurieta_Mac(LudumDare Version).zip 24 MB
SumouNoKurieta_Android_1.0.apk 19 MB

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