EDIT : We have made an update ! The web version is the updated one ! If you want to play the original LD version, you can download it for android or windows below

Here's the changelog :

- Added an easy mode with slower patterns, and quicker character ! 

- You can switch mode on the level selection screen ! 

- You can select the hard / easy version of the level you are currently on even you haven't done the hard / easy version of all the levels before

- Corrected some minor bugs

Ritoru Ponpon no inu (Little Ponpon's Dog) is game which combines the genres of bullet hell and puzzle game !

The little Ponpon is walking by the street with his doggo friend ! But the doggo keep running the other side of the street, and Ponpon must cross it to make sure it is safe.

But of course these days the street aren't safe anymore, ...

Controls on PC are :

Space Bar : Go !

R : Reset player / Pattern

C : Clear every nodes

A : Cancel / reset Last action

You can of course push the buttons anyway ! :)

Hugo "Leba" RODRIGUEZ : Art
Axel "Sulexa" GARCIA : Code
Hugo "Bomb-x" BOMBAIL : Code
Jean "Steing" CLAISSE : Level Design / Music


RitoruPonponAndroid1.1.apk 32 MB
RitoruPonponWindows1.1.zip 26 MB
RitoruPonpon Windows 1.0.zip (LDJAM Version) 26 MB
RitoruPonpon1.0.apk (LDJAM Version) 32 MB


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This game looks and sounds great!  I like the concept for the timed movements, but I could have used some visual cues on where and when to move.  Great submission overall!