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In Protoverse, experience the cycle formed by the creation and its own destruction. Create stardust from the void, and watch these celestial objects transform into the most massive stars, and eventually summon the greatest dangers known in the universe : Blackholes.

Playable with the mouse only. Left click to create stardust. Wheel up to create a gravity point, Wheel down to create a repulsion point. 

Made in 72 hours for the Ludum Dare 45. 

Hugo "Bomb-X" BOMBAIL : Programming -
Ulysse "Razeltif" ROUALT-LELIÈVRE : Programming -
Thomas "Raise The Dead" CHASTAGNOL : Sound Design -
Théo VERPILLAT : Graphic Design -
Guillaume "Giome" DARTOEN : Game Design -
Jean "Steing" CLAISSE : Game Design -
Abel "Mirage" Diarra: Music - SoundCloud


Protoverse Windows 55 MB
Protoverse Mac 56 MB


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I made three black holes

This only lacks the ability to make more of those gravity and repulsion points

How do i get to drop pls i really want to hear it






Such a great concept! All I did was create a giant black hole but hey! Still a neat idea.


This looks amazing! I love the behavior of light/particles when they move close to the black hole.

Great job! Keep up your work! :)

Pretty cool