A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

"Will this night be the one?"

Fafastudio presents "Sunrise's Pact"!

Tonight, you are a vampire looking for some fresh blood. After making a pact with a demon, you roam in a city where you have to suck living necks, the more you kill, the more the night will last.

If you get caught into the light, the night will go faster and you'll fall into ashes…

You know the rules now, enjoy our little game :)



w,a,s,d: move

space: bit human



Jean Claisse : GameDesign, MusicComposer, SoundDesign

Hugo Bombail : GameDesign, PixelArt, Animation

Quentin Lacourt : GameDesign, PixelArt, Animation

Ludovic Soto : GameDesign, Programmation

Made in 72h with Unity3D


SunrisesPact1.2.zip 31 MB